In Biomex our mission is to establish a system of transformation of biomass into a source of clean and renewable energy, adding value to the production of sorghum and other feedstock with potential for bioenergy production, and simultaneously to provide highly nutritious forage supplements for the livestock sector, in profitable way to ensure continuous improvement of living standards of members, employees, and the community in general.


Strengthening the competitiveness of sorghum growers to a global agricultural market, giving certainty to recover their investments, and also ensuring a decent standard of living, in a similar or better environment than the one we inherited from our parents.

  1. We recognize our social responsibility to our community.
  2. We believe in the viability of the regional agricultural enterprise.
  3. Encourage investment in the agricultural sector.
  4. We want to roots our families to the countryside.
  5. We look for a dignified standard of living for our members and employees.
  6. We want a sustainable environment for living.
  7. Trust in the grower’s organization to produce competitively.


Planta de etanol Tamaulipas Norte

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