Project Justification

The arid climate and erratic rains have forced farmers in the northern part of Tamaulipas to plant sorghum mainly for their low water requirements and be adapted to the climatic conditions where other crops have been unsuccessful. However, we have surplus yields every year caused serious marketing problem and we need up to six months market our crops.

The Agricultural sector trade liberalization among member countries of the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), led to grain producers in Northern Tamaulipas to seek alternatives to mitigate the competitive disadvantage of our region, among which the Cooperative building grain storage and marketing, lowering production costs and reducing the middlemen to get a right payment for crops.

Moreover, the recent decree "PROMOTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF BIOFUELS ACT", gives producers an opportunity to add value to the production of sorghum, participating as investors in Bioenergy producing plants, giving us greater security in the grain market, improving our revenue, and reducing the risks involved in producing a commodity governed by highly volatile international prices.

Our vision is clear: Build facilities to transform sorghum into a renewable fuel, clean and friendly to our environment, and provide excellent high protein feed for the national livestock sector.

The Northern Tamaulipas Ethanol Plant will allow us to eliminate seasonal oversupply of grains, avoiding local falling prices caused by the need for producers to sell the grain immediately after harvest, and at the same time, earn additional income as investors in an industry with all the requirements to be competitive globally.

Irrational use of fossil fuels for over 100 years has caused climate change that affects us all, while in one region of the world suffers droughts, other regions are flooded by excessive rains, and those responsible for this climate changes are all population that consumes fossil fuels and generates greenhouse gases.

It's in our hands the opportunity to revive the regional economy, creating new jobs, and taking care of the legacy of our parents for our children inherit, a sustainable and dignified environment for living.


Un Medio Ambiente propicio y digno para vivir.

Planta de etanol Tamaulipas Norte

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