Biomex Goals

• Creating 1,500 jobs during the construction phase and 2,500 jobs during operation of the plant.

• Improve the quality of 2,000 million liters of gasoline by reducing emissions of pollutants into the environment.

• Replacing imports of 130 million liters of gasoline.

• Replacing imports of 60 million liters of ethyl alcohol to the supply of the chemical industry and national food

• Import substitution of 150,000 annual tons of Dry Distilled Grains (DDG) for the livestock sector.

• Process annually 450,000 tons of sorghum in northern Tamaulipas.

• Planting an area of 197,684 acres of sorghum in Cycle O.I.

• Reactivate the planting of 98,842 acres In Cycle P.V. to meet the demand of the plant.

• Reinstate 197,684 acres of farming marginal land that have left the business by not having sufficient funds.

• Promote agricultural practices that improve productivity by 10% and reduce the sinister rate by 5%, as fertilization, irrigation technology and integrated pest manage.

Planta de etanol Tamaulipas Norte

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