Ethanol drivers - Economy

The production and use of ethanol is beneficial at all levels (local, state and national), direct rural employment generating renewable raw materials for production of Ethanol.

Ethanol international prices are more stable than those of fossil fuels, which coupled with the grant programs of the countries with support programs Bioenergy, reduce the cost to the final consumer of the mixtures as the E10 and the E85 in relation to the prices of unleaded gasoline.


In the U.S., statistically ethanol plant with production capacity of 40 million gallons per year, brings the following benefits:

• Causes an economic impact of close to 60 million dollars per year, 70% of whom spent within 75 miles of the construction site.
• Generates directly at least 35 permanent jobs with salaries than 1.8 million dollars annually.
• Generate more than 1500 direct temporary jobs during the last year and a half of construction, with an economic impact of $ 150 million during this period.
• Generate more than 500 indirect jobs in the town, with an outlay of over 100 million dollars.


Furthermore, the production of biofuels can improve profitability local grains, increasing demand and yields per hectare, which is reflected in higher incomes for the rural population, helping to entrench people into the field, preventing their migration to large cities and EUA.Con this new agribusiness, the federal government would grant savings, for example in base compensation and support to land transport of grain. The end user also receives a benefit because the oxygenation of gasoline with higher octane ethanol yields and better engine performance, with international prices more stable than gasoline

Planta de etanol Tamaulipas Norte

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